A Conversation with the L&D professional on the Overwhelming Leadership Challenge Ahead

When: Thu, Jul. 19, 2018 5:30pm — 7:30pm
Venue: Ilam Homestead

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There is a strongly held perspective that leadership development is failing. Despite investing recording sums of time and money, as well as innovations in instructional techniques and digital delivery channels, the readiness gap for leaders is greater than ever before.

Over the past five decades, we have enjoyed abundance and predictability that we have largely attributed to exceptional leadership. That stability has been eroding over the last ten years forcing us to confront a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world and exposing severe limits to our leadership toolkits. As we know technology is catalysing greater complexity and accelerating the pace of chance making predicting the future less and less likely.

The overwhelming Leadership challenge ahead is the demand is massive and growing and far outstripping the resources we need to meet it. This will challenge how we approach this demand especially when;

Everyone needs leadership help! Employees at all levels are asked to lead sometimes as part of their role. It's not just a small privileged group anymore
There is a lot of inexperience! Millennials have limited leadership experience and development, even though they are taking on more and more leadership responsibilities
Resources are small! We spend far less on building leaders that training professionals and we have very limited numbers of L&D staff.
John will share with you some recent research and points-of-view from global consultancy, AchieveForum that supports this perspective.

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